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Corporation is having following manufacturing units:

:: Cattle & Poultry Feed
:: Cattle & Poultry Feed
:: Pesticides Formulation
:: Agriculture Implement
:: Honey Processing
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Duties of Officers/Employees of the HPAIC

1.     Managing Director:
                The Managing Director is the overall executive head of the organization. He exercises overall superintendence and control on the working of all units/branches as well as officers/officers working therein. He is responsible to carry out functions of the Corporation and exercise all powers conferred on him by the Service Regulations, Board of Directors and the State Government from time to time to fulfill the objectives. Also working as an Appellate Authority under Right to Information Act, 2005.

2.     General Manager(Vacant):
                Co-ordination and control of all managerial, administrative, financial, technical, production, procurement & marketing functions etc. and liaison with the Government and other institutions under the overall supervision and control of the Managing Director.  
3.     Chief Purchase Officer [Dy. General Manager(E)]:
         i)        DDO for Head Office.
         ii)       Responsible for Purchase /Store Section in Head Office,
         iii)      Overall Incharge of Bitumen Section and Establishment and Admn.
        v)      Desk Officer for  HPAIC Parwanoo(Feed Unit), B.O. Solan,  Nalagarh and   Poanta                  Sahib
        vi)      Coordinating officer for trading of Tyres & Batteries, other purchases of Agriculture Implements, etc.
Also working as Public Information Officer (PIO) under Right to Information Act, 2005 and also looking after the correspondence relating to the said Act.

 4. Marketing Manager [Dy. General Manager(Shimla)]:

 Overall Incharge of Commercial Section business of Pesticides/ Insecticides, Bio-  Chemicals, Bio-Fertilizers, Plant Protection Equipments, Sericulture and finalization of Rate Contracts of Pesticides, in the H.O.

  1. Desk officer for Trading Branches falling under Shimla Division i.e. Rampur, Rohru  & Shimla.
  2. Desk Officer for Retail Outlet(Petrol Pump)
  3. Desk Officer for Chemical Fertilizers.               

5.      Chief Finance Officer(Vacant):
Responsible for : -
i)        Joint Ventures and MIS (Mango/  Citrus).
ii)       Monitoring of Financial Results and annual budgeting.
iii)      Desk Officer for following Manufacturing  Plants :

     (a)Implements & Tools Factory,  Jachh..
     (b)CPF Unit, Jachh.
     (c) Honey Plant, Kandrori.
     (d) CPF Unit, Parwanoo.
iv)      Desk Officer for trading branches of the Corporation except, B.O.Parwanoo, Solan, Nalagarh and Paonta Sahib.

  1. Procurement and distribution  of carton boxes/trays.

6.     Chief Accounts Officer:

  1. Overall Incharge of Accounts Section in the H.O. Shimla.
  2. Finalization of Accounts of the Corpn., Audit of Account, Audit Replies, PUC paras, etc.
  3. Provident Fund, Gratuity and Group Insurance Claims.  

Also working as Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO) under Right to Information Act, 2005.

7.     Assistant Engineer(Civil):

Responsible for Engineering Cell, repair and maintenance works in the Corporation.

8.     Marketing Manager [Dy. General Manager(Dharamsala)]:
Responsible for all business activities of B.O. Dharamsala as overall Incharge. Keeping supervision on working of B.O.,Maranda, Nagrota, R.O. Maranda, B.O. Jwalamukhi,
9.      Divisional  Manager [(Dy. General Manager(Hamirpur)]:

Overall head of the B.O. Hamirpur and Controlling officer for B.O.Amb, Una, Hamirpur as Dy. General Manager.

10.   Production Manager (Pesticides):

  1. Overall Incharge of Pest. Plant Parwanoo.

ii)       Desk Officer of Pesticide Plant Parwanoo.
iii)      Joint Ventures and MIS (Mango/  Citrus).
iv)      Desk Officer for following Manufacturing  Plants :
Implements & Tools Factory,  Jachh.
          CPF Unit, Jachh.
          Honey Plant, Kandrori.
iv)      Desk Officer
 B.O.   Bilaspur, Mandi, and Kullu.

  1. Procurement and distribution of carton boxes/trays.

11.   Manager Production(Cattle & Poultry Feed):

Responsible for the working of Feed Plant, Parwanoo as Manager Production under the overall control and supervision of the DGM(P) H.O.

12.   Manager Production (Honey Plant):
i)        Responsible for the working of Honey Plant, Kandrori as Manager   Production.
ii)       Quality Control job in the Feed Plant, Jachh additionally, under the           overall control and supervision of the DGM, Jachh.

13.   Branch Managers:

Responsible for all business & other activities of the Branches concerned under the overall control and supervision of the DGMs.

14.   Marketing Officers:

Responsible for all business/Marketing & other activities of the Branches concerned where posted under the supervision and overall control of the DGMs.      

15.   Accounts Officer:

Writing/ maintaining of accounts in the branches/unit where posted and other allied matters including annual closing and audit, etc. under the overall supervision and control of the BMs/CAO/DGMs.

16.   Purchase Manager(Vacant):

Assisting the Manager Production/Incharge of Feed Plant in the sales, purchases of raw material, finishing goods and vety. Medicines, etc.

17.   Manager Procurement:

(i)                Responsible for Rate Contract of Pesticides, Plant Protection Equipments etc. in Commercial Section at H.O.
18.   Superintendent Grade-I:

Working in the Estt. Section and dealing/attending to all Estt.  matters in respect of the officers/officials working  in the Corporation. Besides, attending to all jobs relating to Court Cases relating to service matters, Board Matters in respect of Estt. Section, VRS Cases of employees, Assured Career Progression Scheme, Official Accommodations, Right to Information Act, 2005, Assembly Questions, Rules/ Regulations of the Corporation and allied correspondence thereof and other routine matters in the H.O.
19.   Private Secretary :

                   Working as Private Secretary to the Managing Director.                                    

20.   Marketing Assistant:

Responsible for all business/Marketing & other activities of the Branches concerned where posted under the supervision and overall control of the BMs/DGMs.
21.   Sr. Accountant Gr-I:

To deal with all matters relating to accounts, preparation of annual accounts, banking, cash, CPF, taxation, Income tax cases related tow staff and company, submission of returns and tax audit of the Corporation, AG audit para’s, Public undertaking Committee including Vidhan Sabha matters, consolidation of half and yearly accounts, sundry debtors of all branches, budget and other matter relating to accounts section and passing of bills/claims, etc. under the overall control and supervision of CFO/CAO and Branch/Unit Heads concerned.

22.   Chemist-cum-Quality Control Incharge :

Analysis of various pesticides/insecticides/cattle feed etc.  being formulated in the Production Units. Of the Corporation, quality assurance, Quality control/check, Inspection, Testing, Planning and programming and monitoring of production and quality, Sampling, Blending at plant level. 

23.   Shift Supervisor(Vacant) :

Responsible for supervision and operation of plant and production, processing, maintenance, general upkeep of the plant and machinery and related matters.

24.   Legal Assistant :     
To deal with all legal cases and monitoring, maintaining of case files, preparation of replies after collecting information from concerned branch/unit and sections, execution of agreements, legal advice and other cases relating to law section. Besides keeping contacts with the Standing Counsels        

25.   Storekeeper :  
To deal with stores/stocks in the branches/units/Head Office of the Corporation under the overall control and supervision of Branch Officers concerned.

26.   Senior Scale Stenographer(Vacant) :     

                   To work with Sectional Heads/General Manager in the Head office.

27.   Senior Assistant (Estt./Acccounts/Store):

Assigned work to process and deal with various cases relating to General Administration/Personnel Matters, Inquiries/Vigilance cases, Court cases, Industrial Relations, Committee matters and all other service matters relating to pay and allowances/promotions, etc. Also assigned jobs to deal with the matters relating to Accounts/store, etc.
28.   Junior Engineer :

To assist the Assistant Engineer (Civil) in various repair and maintenance/ construction work in the Engineering wing of the Corporation.

29.   Foreman/ Assistant Foreman:

Supervision of the machinery/equipments of processing plants and their proper upkeep,  repair and maintenance of equipments.

30.   Mechanic:

To attend the routine repair and  maintenance jobs during season in shifts and overhauling of plans and machinery during the lean period assist in repair and maintenance in annual overhauling.

31.   Electrician :

Operation and maintenance of the transformers/MCOs Control Board, Motors, etc. in shifts in the manufacturing plants and to attend the repair and maintenance hob of electrical equipments in the Head Office/trading branches.

32.   Operators :

To operate the power press, rolling forging machine, repair of rollers, operate hammers, fixing, matching, and dismantling of dies on hammers, etc.

33.   Shaperman :

                   Proper machining of jobs on shaper machines, etc. as per requirement.

34.   Die-maker :
Responsible to make different types of the dies under supervision of Foreman, etc.

35.   Turner/Welder :
Proper facing of hammers on the lathe machine and machining of other jobs i.e. dies, fabrication jobs and welding, etc. 

36.   Driver :
Proper up keeping of vehicle and drive the same besides completing the Log Book of the Car/Vehicle daily.

37.   Junior Assistant/Clerk :
To put up the correspondence relating to the subject assigned to them and general matters i.e. Diary and Dispatch, Typing work, besides assisting in stores/accounts work, publicity, advertisement. Tour Programmes/Diary, dealing with all correspondence relating to Computer, Computer Operation, Data Compilation, Compilation of CPF Data, at Head office and in the Plant and Branch Offices.

38.   Lab. Assistant :
To assist the Chemist/Quality Control Incharge in testing/analysis jobs besides maintaining general cleanliness in the Laboratory.

39.   Helper :
To assist in operation of plant and different machines on which they are deployed and in routine maintenance upkeep of plant and machinery and Electrical works in production units/workshops. In branches they are deployed to perform Class-IV duty of Peons/Chowkidar in the absence of technical jobs.

40.   Cleaner :
To assist drivers on heavy vehicle  and upon posting at other places, he is required to perform duty of Peon-cum-Chowkidar in the absence of heavy vehicles.

41.   Skilled Labourers (Pesticides) :

To assist the operators/Mechanics/Shift Supervisor and Plant Incharge in formulation of various pesticides/insecticides and packings of the finished goods.

42.   Peon-cum-Chowkidar :
Deployed at Head Office/Branches/Manufacturing Plants to discharge the duties of Peon and Night Duty Chowkidars as per requirement.

43.   Sweepers :
Sweeping work at Head Office, Trading Branches and Manufacturing Plants.

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