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Corporation is having following manufacturing units:

:: Cattle & Poultry Feed
:: Cattle & Poultry Feed
:: Pesticides Formulation
:: Agriculture Implement
:: Honey Processing
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The Corporation is engaged in following activities:-

1) Trading
2) Manufacturing

Trading:- The H.P. Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. Is engaged in trading items like tractors, power tillers, iron & steel, tyres & tubes, insecticides & pesticides, agricultural implements, batteries, cement, A.C. sheets, veterinary medicines, computers, plant protection equipments, bitumen etc.The trading operations are being carried out through a network of 7 Divisional Offices and 22 branches. The Corporationís presence is in every district of the State except for Kinnaur and Lahaul & Spiti districts, as under :

Shimla Division

Bitumen Division








Bilaspur Division



B.O. Shimla



B.O. Parwanoo

B.O. Dharamsala

B.O. Bilaspur

B.O. Jachh

B.O. Rampur





B.O. Mandi


B.O. Kumarsain



B.O. Solan

B.O. Nagrota

B.O. Kullu





B.O. Paonta








Sub-Centre. Sunhet







B.O. Amb







B.O. Una







B.O. Hamirpur



Manufacturing Units:
The Corporation is having following manufacturing units:

:: Cattle and Poultry Feed Unit, Parwanoo
:: Cattle and Poultry Feed Unit, Jachh.
:: Pesticides Formulation Plant, Parwanu
:: Agriculture Implement Factory, Jachh.
:: Honey Processing Plant, Kandrori.

Catte and Poultry Feed Unit, Parwanoo:
The Feed Plant at Parwanoo was established during the year 1976-1977 with the installed capacity of 1MT per hour for catering to the demands of all types of feed for Department of Animal Husbandry, HP and private cattle rearing farmers of State, which was modernized in the year 1995-1996 by installing new machinery with installed capacity of 2 MT per hour at the cost of 20 Lac approximately. The State Government has also provided a sum of Rs. 8.00 Lac for further augmentation to produce feed in crumbs, pellet and mash forms. Plant is also catering the demand of fish feed in the State.

Cattle and Poultry Feed Unit Jachh:
The Feed Plant at Jachh was established with an installed capacity 0f 1MT per hour during the year 1978-1979 with 100% financial assistance for machinery from Indo German Project, Palampur at the cost of Rs. 7.39 Lacwith the object to cater to the demand of all types of feed for Indo German Project , Department of Animal Husbandry, H.P. and private cattle rearing farmers of District Chamba, Kangra, Hamirpur, Mandi, Kullu and Lahaul & Spiti abd also to cut dawn the transportation cost of feed from Parwanoo Plant. The modernization of this plant was started during October,2002 and operationalised on 14.3.2003. The plant is capable to produce all type of animal feed, poultry feed and fish feed in mash form as well as pellet and crumb forms.

Pesticides Formulation Plant Parwanoo:
The Pesticides Formulation Plant was established at Parwanoo in the year 1985. The Unit is well equipped with latest machinery having Jet Mill facility. Pesticide formulated in this plant are sold to Department of Horticulture and Agriculture in Himachal Pradesh and prestigious companies like Hindustan Antibiotics Limited Pune etc . Many Pesticide Units like M/s Rallis India Ltd., M/s Hoectsh, M/s Shaw Wallace etc. also entrusted various typs of job works to this unit from time to time for formulation of products as per BIS / CIB specifications . This plant is licenced to produced 39 product. The following product have under gone successful bio-efficacy test by the Agriculture/ Horticulture University of the State :

Isoproturon,Mancozeb,Carbendazium,Dodine,Attrazine, Copperoxychloride,
The following products bear ISI Mark.

Mancozeb,Carbendazium, Chlorpyrifos, Fenvalerate, Isoproturon, Attrazine

In following products are supplied to Depatrtment of Agriculture/ Horticulture of Himachal Pradesh under annual rate contract.
Carbendazium, Mancozeb, Attrazine and Isoproturon.

Agricultural Implement Factory, Jachh, Tehsil Nurpur, District Kanagra (HP).
The Agricultural Implement Factory at Jachh was set up in the year 1983 with an investement of Rs. 67.83 lac for production of all kinds of agriculture implements and tools, including those required by the Public Works Department such as pick axes , shovels, hammers, crow basrs and to the agriculturists such as ploughs and digging hoes etc. The installed capacity of the unit is to manufacture 525 MT of various agriculture/horticulture impl

Honey Processing Plant, Kandrori
The Honey Processing Plant at Kandrori was established during the year 1996 with an investment of Rs. 67.55 lac. The installed capacity of the plant is 120 MT per annum on single shift basis. Honey being processed in the plant is marketed under the licence of Agmark. The raw honey production has received a tremendous boost as bee-keepers of the State get remunitive raw honey prices at their door step. The inclination of rural youth towards Apiculture also provided self employment opportunities.

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