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Corporation is having following manufacturing units:

:: Cattle & Poultry Feed
:: Cattle & Poultry Feed
:: Pesticides Formulation
:: Agriculture Implement
:: Honey Processing
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The Himachal Pradesh Agro Industries Corporation Limited (HPAIC) was incorporated on September 24, 1970.
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The paid up share capital as on 31-03-2006 was Rs. 1180.08 lac as against authorized capital of Rs. 1500.00 lac, out of which a sum of Rs. 607.00 lac is invested in equity of H.P.M.C., a sum of Rs. 97.00 lac in Agro Packaging India Limited and a sum of Rs. 0.37 lac in Himcon .During the year 1974, a Subsidiary company of the Corporation, H.P.M.C was formed to undertake activities relating to horticulture produce marketing and processing.The Agro-Industries Corporation has invested a sum of Rs. 6.07 crore as Share Capital in

H.P.M.C., besides transferring assets including Cold Storages, shops and other infrastructures at Parwanoo, Delhi, Madras and Calcutta.

Apart from the Head Office of the Corporation, it has set up its 5 Production Units for quality production of Cattle & Poultry Feed, Agricultural/Horticultural/Forest Implements & Tools, Honey and Pesticides/Insecticides etc., namely, Cattle & Poultry Feed Plant, Parwanoo, Cattle & Poultry Feed Plant, Jachh, Himagrico Implements & Tools Factory, Jachh, Honey Processing Plant, Kandrori and Pesticides Formulation Plant at Parwanoo.

Apart from these production units, the Corporation is providing services to the customers through its Retail Outlet (Petrol Pump) at Maranda (Palampur) and 2 other trading branches/ Sale Centres in the Stateas per details given below:1. B.O. Chamba 2. B.O. Jachh (Jassore) 3. B.O. Dharamsala 4. B.O. Palampur 5. Sale Centrre Nagrota Bagwan 6. B.O. Jwalamukhi (Extensive counter at Sunhet). 7. B.O. Hamirpur 8. B.O. Una 9. B.O. Amb 10. B.O. Bilaspur 11. B.O. Mandi 12. B.O. Kullu 13. B.O.Solan 14. B.O. Parwanoo 15. B.O. Nalagarh 16. B.O. Paonta Sahib 17. B.O. Shimla 18. B.O. Rampur, B.O. Rampur 19. B.O. Rohru 20. Sale Centre Kumarsain.